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“Every Realtor we talked to told us that we would have to clean up and renovate our house before they would list it. This would have cost at least $10,000 (that we didn’t have) to hire people to do it, and we didn’t have the time or energy to do it ourselves. We really didn’t want other people seeing our house in such a state and were quite happy to have KW HomeBuyers buy it without us needing to do anything. We realize it needed a lot of work and we figured out a fair price that worked for everybody. We found a smaller house that suited us better and wanted to put an offer in as soon as possible, so KW HomeBuyers was able to close on our house in about two weeks. They even looked after the junk removal! We had all this stuff we couldn’t take with us and Ben said ‘just leave it!’ This made the move so much less stressful! Thanks to Ben and KW HomeBuyers for helping us get a fresh start!"

Derek W. – Cambridge

“Thank you, Ben, for buying our house and making the whole transaction so smooth! We were a little nervous trying to sell it without using a Realtor, but after you explained how the whole process worked, we felt a lot better. We also appreciate that you were able to close exactly when WE wanted – what a concept! The whole experience really was a lot easier than we thought!”

Christine and Peter C. – Cambridge

“We had some very specific priorities for the sale of our house, namely the price and the closing schedule. Ben was able to accommodate us in both regards. We liked that he was friendly to work with, very professional and kept up the communication throughout the sale. Thank you!”

Nico and Gretchen N. – Cambridge

“We were very pleased with how KW HomeBuyers was able to purchase our house when we were struggling to come up with solutions. They made it easy – we negotiated a fair price and they even let us stay in the house until we had found a new place to live. They looked after all the details and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Thanks, KWHB!”

Carlos and Louisa W. – Kitchener

“Hey Ben, we’d like to thank you for making the sale of our house such a breeze! I know we were a little skeptical at first, but you proved to be the real deal! We were happy with the price and the closing went off without a hitch, which was a pleasant surprise, ha ha! Anyway, we’re happy to recommend you to anyone who needs a quick and easy sale. Thanks again!”

Trevor and Bethany O. – Kitchener

“We’d like to thank Ben and KW HomeBuyers for helping us out when all other options seemed like dead ends. We had to move out west quickly because of a new job opportunity, but our house needed some work and just wasn’t getting much interest. We really didn’t want to have a mortgage back in Ontario if we’re trying to plant new roots in Alberta. Unlike everyone else that had come through our house, Ben didn’t complain about the work that needed to be done. He even seemed a bit excited about how he was going to renovate the place! We agreed on a fair price considering the condition of the house and got us out of there within the month, just in time to start the new job in AB. Thanks, Ben and KW HomeBuyers!”

Don and Mary H. – Kitchener

“I’d like to recommend KW HomeBuyers to anyone who wants to sell their house fast and with no hassles. I had a few issues that prevented me selling with a Realtor, but KW HomeBuyers had no trouble at all figuring things out. Once they had determined exactly what needed to be done, we agreed on a price and a move date and everything else fell into place. Life is better when you don’t have to worry about how to get a house out of your life!”

Steve M. – Cambridge

“We are very happy to have worked with Ben and KW HomeBuyers! We needed to downsize because the payments on the house were too large to make sense for us. Our house had been very well ‘lived in’ and we really didn’t want to have a Realtor and all these people going through it looking at all our stuff all over the place. To get our house ready for a typical Realtor would have taken forever and we were so happy when Ben said he could buy the house as is. He was very professional and sensitive to our privacy, and even treated everyone to pizza to help reduce our stress on moving day! We truly don’t know how we would have done it without KW HomeBuyers – thank you so much!”

Alison and Evan D. – Kitchener

“Nothing’s worse than finding the home of your dreams, but you can’t buy it because nobody wants to buy your current house. We even tried dropping the price a couple of times, but still no luck. We were starting to give up on our dream home, but luckily we found KW HomeBuyers online and they came to the rescue! Ben was great – we all agreed on a price and he was able to get a firm offer in place in time for us to make a commitment to purchase our new home! Thanks, Ben, for helping to make our dream home a reality!”

Sean and Laura G. – Cambridge

“We were going through a divorce, which was very difficult and time consuming. We really didn’t want to go through the time and trouble of using a Realtor. Things were difficult enough with just us and our kids at home, we couldn’t imagine all our neighbours and strangers going through our house when we were trying to handle the situation carefully. Ben was very professional, understanding and discrete. He came up with a plan that took care of our obligations to our existing mortgage and still put a fair amount of money in our pockets so that we could be on our separate ways. We moved out when we wanted and everything was kept very private. Thanks, Ben – we don’t know how else we could have done it so easily!”

John and Alisha D. – Cambridge

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